Project : Ammi Concepstore
Brand Strategy
Logo design
Brand identity
Content & Copywrithing
Wed design & development

More than a concept store it’s a place to take a break, to find harmony and freedom in the daily life. From rituals to routine for the souls.

They propose unique brands and products that connect from soul to soul and bring the whole story to your home and day to day life. Inspire to consciously reflect on daily habits and create added value by developing rituals that bring people into the ‘now’. Connecting people with themselves, the nature and which each other in an authentic way.

A complete branding project

/ Inspiring with design

Why Ammi ? it’s a flower, wild and free, natural and part of the biodiversity, Versatile, it adds volume and combines effortlessly with all colour palettes, when in a garden, you’ll be rewarded with lots of butterflies, and it sounds friendly (especially in french)

/ Inspiring with design

Creative direction, art direction, photography, organisation.

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