New & experienced. We have more than 15 years of experience working in different kinds of companies and 3 as freelancers. Our new project associates strong web development skills to creative & visual communication passion.


Human & digital

We are humans working with humans. that’s why we always have a personalised approach. Digital communication allows us to work with customers across borders. We aim for durable and sustainable business partnership. Because when your business goes well, our business is doing well as well. We value even more business with that green sparkle that will help saving the world.

Development & innovation

Passionate about technology and strategy.

I aim to create experiences that look and function beautifully for everyone and on anything using code that’s modular, responsive, performant, extensible, accessible and future friendly.

Being a developer since the late nineties, much of what I know is self-taught and I’m grateful for ending up in a field where one of the major requirements for staying relevant is to continuously keep learning.

I like to think about the best way to take on a project and love helping teams understand the concepts, techniques, and tools used to create successful design systems and establish more collaborative workflows.

Visual & creative communication

Creative minded & super organised.

I’m passionate about communication, but also how to express it through visuals, colours, graphic design & digital experiences.

As an active communication expert for 16 years, I have worked for different companies and brands.
Thanks to my different experiences, I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people, work in great teams, in different areas and fields, which brought me a wealth of experience in my professional and personal life.

Iโ€™m super organised, which allows me to work on different kinds of projects at the same time without losing timeframes and deadlines.

We are 2 & a lot more

Even if with the combination of our skills we can already do a lot, creativity & excellence comes from sharing ideas with skilled people and thanks to team work. That’s why we regularly team up with other freelancers.

According to the projects, budgets and needs we work with other very talented, designers, photographers, copywriters, video guys, developers.
So you don’t need to look for the best ones… We already know them.

Creative Graphic Designer

Quick creative thinker and visual creator.

I love straight to the point graphic design, minimal design with a big impact. Dutch design inspires me. I love their way of communicating.

Brainstorming, creative ping ponging and find visual solutions is what I like the most.Besides this, Iโ€™m also teaching my passion to students in graphic design.

When iโ€™m not working I love spending time with my family and friends. Traveling to cityโ€™s across Europe or find some rest at the sea.